My Study Plan

Everything you need to know about your Study Plan

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My Study Plan

Everything you need to know about your Study Plan

To help you navigate through the school, we created a step-by-step method so you always know what your next assignment is.
Study Plan is not mandatory but we strongly recommend you use it.

  • What is my Study Plan?

Study Plan is available to all students and provides guidance on what to do next. This will help you finish your unit before or on your goal date. Being goal-minded is one of the keys to success as it encourages consistency. Your goal date is calculated depending on how many hours you can dedicate to your studies.

To access your study plan just go to Course : My Course and you can see in one glance what you need to do. Each study plan details the 4 lessons that are included in the current unit as well as the live lessons that are recommended. Your study plan has a personalised goal date and you should complete all your exercises before reaching it.

  • Can I change my goal date?

Of course you can! We know that life is unpredictable and that sometimes we have no choice but to change our plans. We recommend that you try to stick to your goal date if you can as this will provide some motivation for you to finish on time.
If you wish to change your goal date, click on the Goal Date icon and click on 'Change your Goal'.

  • My motivational emails

To help you keep track of your progress we will send you motivational emails with an update of where you are in your study plan. This way you can easily know if you are on track and need to keep up the good work, or if you need to make an extra effort to finish on time!
Of course you can decide to deactivate these emails if you do not wish to receive them.

  • Do I need to take Live Classes in my study plan?

No you don't. But we recommend that you do to ensure you learn everything needed for this unit.
If your package has Private Classes you will be given a suggested topic for each Private Class. This topic is linked to your study plan but you can change it anytime.

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